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UJOT FM is an internet radio station that has operated at the Jagiellonian University since 2015. It is a student station, free from information filtering, censorship and beating around the bush! The station aims to broadcast the most interesting news of current event in Kraków, Poland and in the world. Its hosts offer you multiple original programmes covering virtually all topics. Rock, hip-hop, indie, but occasionally also classical music :-) On UJOT FM, you can listen to all musical genres and expert comments on music from our hosts! Add a pinch of politics, sport and broadly defined culture to obtain a recipe for the best student radio in Poland!

We broadcast on and a mobile app.

Drop us a line to

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Visit us and feel the magic of radio!

redakcja UJOT FM

UJOT TV is a student television station, active since 2007.

Its programme, created by students features such formats as:

“News, a Poll” – a news briefing

“3 Questions to...” – a current affairs show about the university

“Between Exam Periods” – a cheery and lively current affairs and news show about student and youth life;

“Nocnik TV” – a report on “Nocnik”, the Student Night Film Club run by Kino Pod Baranami art house in Kraków.

Visit the official account of UJOT TV on Facebook:


MediaTory Student Journalism Awards is a vote in which journalism students distinguish their authorities on the subject. In the vote, future journalists across Poland are given the opportunity to award those people who keep the media engine on the right track in the opinion of future editors. By awarding MediaTory, we wish to indicate the importance of reliability, professional approach and the highest standards to us, people who enter the world of media.

Visit the official site of the vote at:

prowadzący galę Mediatory w roku 2019

Deep Insight is a contest open to enthusiastic photographers studying various subjects. Photographs are welcome that not only document reality but also show artistic value.

Our aim as journalism students is not only to learn perceiving reality around us but also to understand how it is seen by others. Thus, Deep Insight is meant to encourage every student to tell us an amazing story, relate an interesting tale, using photography.

We wish to show that an interesting picture is not necessarily produced by an expensive camera or graphics editors, but principally by an acute observer.

We believe that observation leads to an understanding of the world around us, and undoubtedly is a common denominator between photography and journalism.

Visit the official profile of our competition on Facebook:

laureaci konkursu Głębia Spojrzenia w roku 2018

The Journalism Student Scientific Society is created by people interested in research and discussion on journalism, advertising, sales promotion, public relations and social changes in the age of new media. The Society focuses its activity on two main areas: research and organization. Regarding the research area, the Society members contribute to projects initiated by the Civil Dialogue Observatory, collecting and encoding empirical evidence. As part of its organizational tasks, the Society engaged in preparing a series of MediaTory Student Journalism Awards and Deep Insight competitions.

The Institute of Journalism, Media and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University, has held the best feature competition for a decade. First-year students are invited to enter the competition. The participants draft their articles during the winter semester. No topic is pre-defined. The competition is judged during the summer semester by all first-year students attending full-time and part-time courses. Each of them casts a vote and gives a  more detailed opinion on the articles submitted. The participants who are usually beginners in this journalism genre get the opportunity to obtain opinions from a large group of readers. A ranking of feature articles submitted in the three most recent competitions is given below.


Amelia Malisz, 7 grzechów głównych

Anna Andrysiak, Mamy problemy psychiczne

Aleksandra Jesionka, Anulować hip-hop

Zuzanna Wawrzyniak, Moja Italia. Spotkanie tandety z pięknem



Marta Ochman, Z kości na ości, z ości na proch

Łukasz Słowiński, Pojęcie ryzyka

Aleksandra Wieczorek, Towarzysz podróży, niecały metr stąd

Karolina Krasny, Kobieta 21

Maciej Serweta, Przypadek altówki

Yevhenii Diachkov, Raj (nie) piekło dla kobiet

Maria Cipińska, Fuga

Justyna Bik, Niepowtarzalna rzeczywistość



Michał Szyndler, Jesteśmy od wszystkiego

Małgorzata Durmaj, Ścięta głowa

Elżbieta Kamińska, #bestfriend

Sandra Soldatowa, Czy można to nazwać rewolucją?

Laura Nowakowska, W świecie Wikingów, czyli jak spędzić 70 dni na Islandii